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Training for Certified ISEC7 SPHERE Solution Manager

Technical Training by ISEC7

The Certified ISEC7 SPHERE Solution Manager (CISSM) course provides the essential working knowledge of the ISEC7 SPHERE solution, including architecture overview, users, endpoints and assets management, event configuration, reporting and user migrations.

#1809 | Certified ISEC7 Sphere Solution Manager


2 days

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for IT professionals involved in mobile devices deployments, from server-side administration to end-user device enrollment and configuration. Basic experience specific to mobile device management is recommended. Experience with iOS, Android and/or Windows 10 devices and UEM/UES solutions in general would be beneficial.


Personal laptop to access training material and perform hands-on labs.

Course content

  • Architecture overview
  • Supported systems
  • Console overview
  • Users
  • Endpoints
  • Assets
  • Events
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Navigation
  • User migrations


An online assessment is available for participants to get certified.