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Solutions by ISEC7

Since 2004 ISEC7 develops software for mobilizing business processes, for the efficient management of smartphones and tables as well as for a platform independent monitoring of Digital Workplace and enterprise mobility infrastructures.

Within the area of individual application development, ISEC7 has developed custom software that is used by millions of people worldwide as there are applications for social network, The Olympic Games, mobile printing, PBX-integrations and many others.

Manage and monitor your Digital Worplace





Manage and monitor your Digital Workplace Infrastructure.






Protect your communication with the government grade email app.






Ensure that users correctly mark and disseminate sensitive documents.



tic Management and Monitoring of your Workplace Infrastructure

  • Cross network monitoring

  • Increased data confidentiality, integrity, and availability

  • Greater visibility of security-related network events 

  • Improved network resilience, despite the ever-changing cyber threat landscape 

  • Easier tracking of hardware and software information technology assets throughout the enterprise 

  • Enhanced support for organizational change management processes

  • Immediate notifications

  • Incident triage handling & Optimization

  • Compliance Management

  • Flexibility & Future-proofing


Secure mobile email client allowing classification, encryption and signing enforcement

  • Easily access and delegate access to email, calendar, contacts, public folders, and more

  • Ability to use functional emails and multiple email domains

  • Utilize helpful classification tool and automation of deployment 

  • Multiple authentication methods (Modern, Certificate Based, Windows, Basic, etc.), and Hypergate

  • Improve productivity and response time with significant impact on customer satisfaction

  • Maintain security of sensitive information and comply with security policies 

  • Build greater team collaboration and transparency of knowledge share


Proper Classification of Emails and Microsoft Office Documents

  • Ensures compliance with government data marking and classification regulations 

  • Support data tagging requirements in Zero Trust Architecture 

  • Verify proper sender and receiver permissions based on classification level and dissemination controls 

  • Requires no additional infrastructure to deploy 

  • Works on any device including iOS and Android mobile devices 

  • Same user experience on all Microsoft Office applications web as with native clients

As the Chief Development Officer, I envision a future where our innovative solutions empower businesses to achieve unparalleled efficiency and success in their digital endeavors. Together, we will push the boundaries of technology to create transformative experiences that shape the landscape of tomorrow.

Guido Wilken | CDO | ISEC7 GROUP