ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate (MED)

ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate is a fully functional advanced Personal Information Management (PIM) client that allows delegated and shared access to Exchange email, calendar, contacts and public folders. With ISEC7 MED employees can access information available to them with exchange for collaboration. 

By connecting via Microsoft Exchange Web services (EWS), ISEC7 MED leverages the full functional interface of Microsoft Exchange to mobile devices. This is an out of the box capability that requires no changes to be made to the existing Exchange installation, with no additional administration needs.


ISEC7 MED is available for iOS and Android with feature parity. 


ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate in 45 seconds



  • Secure email client
  • Native integration for secure containers for
    BlackBerry, MobileIron, VMWare & Citrix
  • Email, calendar, contacts, tasks & notes
  • Integration for leading collaboration tools
  • Manage delegate mailboxes while on the road
  • Zero-config permission management for the
    mobile handset
  • Multi-domain and multi-org capabilities



  • Access Public Folders out of the app with your own account
  • Use “read” and “write” access with any mobile device


  • Use your Team Mailboxes and calendars on the go
  • Use 95% of all Exchange features like colors or categories to organize your view




  • Support for Apple CarKit integration for iOS 
  • GDPR compliance for caller IDs in your car
  • Special edition for for Government, Law Enforcement and other agencies
  • High-Secure Access for Red Networks
  • More information on request