Software made by ISEC7 - software made in Germany

Since 2004 ISEC7 develops software for mobilising business processes, for the efficient management of smartphones and tablets as well as for a platform independent monitoring of EMM infrastructures.


Within the area of individual application development, ISEC7 has developed custom software that is used by millions of people worldwide as there are applications for social network, The Olympic Games, mobile printing,  PBX-integrations and many others.


  • Hybrid management of EMM infrastructures for BlackBerry, Good, AirWatch and MobileIron as well as ActiveSync based devices 
  • Montoring von EMM infrastructures with more than 750 parameters
  • Automated migration between EMM infrastructures

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ISEC7 Mobility for SAP

  • Mobilising of SAP for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
  • Integration with CRM, ERP, CS, PM and Workflows without middleware
  • Fastest GoTo-Market and no developments knowledge is necessary

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ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate

  • Management of delegate-, team- and function mailboxes
  • Accesss to public folders
  • Support of Microsoft Exchange and O365 for iOS, Android and BlackBerry

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