Mobile SAP for special workplace scenarios

Mobile SAP for special workplaces - by ISEC7 for SAP solutions for iOS, Android and Windows

ISEC7 for SAP® solutions runs on Android based-HMT-1 from realwear for voice-controlled and hands-free requirements such as inspection lots. 


Give your managers mobile access to the workflows and let them approve the workflow on the go with ISEC7 for SAP® solutions.

Use cases

  • Manage and control using voice recognition
  • Handsfree control of SAP Apps
  • Integration into Android Smartglasses


  • Handsfree operations of SAP for service technicians
  • Enable new technologies
  • Identify new business cases within your organizations


  • ISEC7 for SAP Solutions integration into Realware HMT-1 smartglasses
  • Easy integration of Android Smartglasses into SAP

Customer specific enhancements

All development is done in pure ABAP by developers from the customer or by partners from ISEC7.

Test it!

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