Mobile SAP for special workplace scenarios

Mobile SAP for special workplaces - by ISEC7 for SAP solutions for iOS, Android and Windows

ISEC7 for SAP® solutions runs on Android based-HMT-1 from realwear for voice-controlled and hands-free requirements such as inspection lots. 


Use cases

  • Technician needs help from a remote expert 
    In our solution for service technicians in plant maintenance (PM) and customer service (CS) the technician gets a list of assigned work orders on a mobile device (e.g. an iPad or an android device) with details about the problem, the equipment and its historic problems. He can order spare parts, make photos of the damage and confirm the working time.  See details about this scenario here for PM and for CS.

    In case he needs help from a remote colleague we offer the integration with the realwear HMT-1. A button at the service order opens the video chat with a colleague on the HMT-1. The colleague directly sees the order number, the customer, the equipment as well as the problem and can help immediately

  • Hands-Free controlled checklists or inspection lots
    The android version of our app runs on the realwear HMT-1. It provides data from SAP and is voice controlled for navigation and data input. The user can work hands-free, for example to choose checklists or inspection lots and confirm them, choose options, add photos or dictate text.


  • Enable new business cases with new technology
  • Easy integration of Realware HMT-1 into SAP


  • Hands-free operations of SAP on the smartglass Realware HMT-1
  • Simple and quick video call with remote expert

Customer specific enhancements

All development is done in pure ABAP by developers from the customer or by partners from ISEC7.

Test it!

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