Mobile SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) - by ISEC7 for SAP® solutions

ISEC7 for SAP solutions Plant Maintenance - by ISEC7 for SAP solutions for iOS, Android and Windows

The Mobile Inspection & Service PM package of  
supports your plant maintenance technicians with smartphones and tablets at their daily work.


The technicians get an overview about their worklist of maintenance orders and notifications, as well as all details that they need for an efficient work, such as the details of the malfunction notification, the equipment or the historical notifications.


After finishing the job the technician is guided step by step through the confirmation - that ensures all relevant data is captured, e.g. photos of the damage, checklists, working time, used materials, measurement point, activities, damage and cause codes.


Off course this is done offline. As in the shop floor or in the basement you cannot count on a network connection. Exceptions are actions which work online only. Such as the availability check and reservation of spare parts. Therewith the reservation can be executed directly and the spare part can be picked at the nearest warehouse.

Benefits of Mobile SAP Plant Maintenance

  • Digitalization of plant maintenance

  • Shorten repair time: all relevant information is always available, spare parts can be reserved and used as soon as possible

  • Cost reduction and acceleration of processes by renouncing of paper-based process steps

  • Avoid mistakes with synchronizing data instead of typewriting handwritten information

  • Increase quality of documentation

  • Legal compliance through verifiability of performed maintenance

Mobilized process steps for ERP PM

  • If no central dispatching of maintenance orders and notifications is available: Technician can take over service orders and notifications in his own worklist

  • Offline available worklist of assigned maintenance orders

  • Details of an order, overview about all relevant information from order, notification, equipment and functional location, as well as their historical orders and notifications

  • Online search of spare parts (free search or by bill of material), stock level in relevant warehouses and their reservation

  • Offline confirmation, guiding the technician step by step through all data to be captured

  • Create new notifications or orders

  • Online search of equipment and functional locations in their hierarchy and overview about their data

  • If the service technician has to work on notifications instead of orders

  • Offline available worklist of notifications with all relevant data of the notification. Damage codes, cause codes and status can be updated offline.

Customer specific enhancements

We deliver extensive and field proven standard package mobilizing standard processes in SAP.


All screens can be adapted based on a thought-out enhancement concept to meet your requirements.

Fields, tables, buttons and whole screens can be added or removed.


All outputs and all business logic, such as reading, filtering, processing and saving of the data, takes place in methods which can individually be redefined based on the enhancement concept.


All development is done in pure ABAP by developers from the customer or by partners from ISEC7.

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