Partner solutions based on ISEC7 for SAP® solutions

Partner solutions based on ISEC7 for SAP solutions for iOS, Android and Windows

Our partners developed multiple customer specific solutions based on the ISEC7 for SAP® solutions framework.


Some of them can be reused for other customers as partner solutions.

Valantic - Warehouse management

  • This package mobilizes the standard processes to store, transfer, pick and remove from stock.
  • Some android devices come with integrated barcode scanners. We support many of them.
  • Please let us know your desired device and we will check if we can support it. You can use an attached laser barcode scanner for iOS devices. We support the scanner from linea pro.

Valantic - Meter management for utilities

  • Paperless mobilized process to exchange power meters for utilities
  • Control of exchange orders in order cockpit
  • Creation of letter to the customer to announce visit
  • Mobile worklist of customer visits
  • Photo with built in camera of old meter and its counter reading
  • Barcode scan of new counter serial number
  • Capturing of customers signature
  • Printing of receipt

Varelmann - Production

  • Direct access to all relevant data during the production on a smartphone or tablet
  • Confirmation of time and quantities on production orders
  • Creation of material movements with serial numbers and batches
  • List of production orders and their confirmation status
  • Integration of solutions for resource planning

quindata - Agricultural trading

  • quindata focuses on consulting, development and operation of industry-specific IT solutions for agricultural trading and engineering, construction materials and energy. 
  • The former customer quindata was so convinced about ISEC7 for SAP® solutions ERP, that they refines its own SAP ERP solution with it and became a ISEC7 partner.
  • For their customers they provided a solution that enables the continuous processing of prospects, clients, contacts, visits, requests, offerings, contracts and orders and also mobilize the reporting system.

Valantic - Lead recording at exhibitions

  • Speedup lead recording at exhibitions! 
  • Use a tablet to write down notes or use speech recognition
  • Select options to summarize the meeting quickly
  • Make a photo of the business card with the build in camera for automatic scanning
  • The data is saved as a new lead at a new or existing account
  • The post processing is done in the backend by somebody who is not in the stress of an exhibition