Mobile SAP ERP Sales - by ISEC7 for SAP® solutions

ISEC7 for SAP solutions ERP Sales - by ISEC7 for SAP solutions for iOS, Android and Windows

The ERP Sales package provides access to your ERP system for your sales force.


They can prepare for a customer meeting by checking the latest sales data and give direct answers to customers questions for delivery dates, order status and pricing


Use cases

  • Preparing for a customer visit while on the go
  • Accessing relevant data during the visit
  • Post processing right after the visit


  • Optimized preparation even while on the go
  • Access to real-time information allows immediate replies to customer questions
  • Rapid fulfillment of customer requests such as the demand for information material
  • Travel or waiting time can be utilized as working time
  • Immediate updates increase the ERP‘s data quality


  • Search for customers
  • See customer details with
  • Address
  • Contacts (Call them directly on a smartphone or send an email)
  • Open deliveries with delivery dates
  • Open orders with status, quantities, pricing and lots of other details
  • Open payments
  • Create orders offline
  • Online availability check and customer specific pricing for products
  • Google Maps integration: Search customers GPS based in a radius search and see them in Google Maps. Identify their status or type directly with different icons and link to their details
  • Search for products, check prices, stock levels and details
  • Search in all orders, see the status, quantities, pricing and lots of other details


  • Caching the data for offline access
  • Offline creation of orders
  • Enhancement concept for additional data from any SAP system

Customer specific enhancements

We deliver extensive and field proven standard package mobilizing standard processes in SAP.


All screens can be adapted based on a thought-out enhancement concept to meet your requirements.

Fields, tables, buttons and whole screens can be added or removed.

All outputs and all business logic, such as reading, filtering, processing and saving of the data, takes place in methods which can individually be redefined based on the enhancement concept.


All development is done in pure ABAP by developers from the customer or by partners from ISEC7.

Test it!

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