Benefits of ISEC7 for SAP® solutions

 Discover the benefits:

  • Simple and fast online/offline integration into S/4HANA and any backend system of SAP Business Suite without middleware or cloud

  • Predefined packages for sales, service, maintenance, production and warehouse

  • A combined workflow inbox allows easy access to workflows from different backend systems

  • Customer specific enhancements are simply done with existing ABAP know-how

  • No developer skills for native app development or HTML5 needed due to native generic application
    for: iOS, Android, Windows 8/10 (Phone/Tablet), BlackBerry

  • Simply integrates with heavily customized SAP systems

  • Different types of secure connections are possible: VPN, reverse proxy or secure container solutions for: BlackBerry Dynamics (Good Dynamics), MobileIron AppConnect, AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile

Compare with other vendors

In comparison with other vendors, ISEC7 for SAP® solutions scores well in these categories: 

  • Ready-to-use and field-tested mobile solutions for various processes, such as: Sales, Customer Service, Plant Maintenance, Workflow approval, Production and Warehouse
  • Adaptable: Solutions can easily be adapted and enhanced with pure ABAP (i.e. additional or fewer fields or tables) and other processes can be mobilized either by the customer or one of our integration partners
  • No middleware or cloud: Direct connection between app and SAP backend – no additional components
  • Designed to simply mobilize SAP
  • Fusion of online and offline: An offline order can be captured with online price and availability check
  • Independent from mobile devices: Mobile processes are developed once in ABAP and defined by customizing -  they then run on all our apps for iOS, Android, und Windows 8/10
  • Easy to develop: Open source framework in ABAP, so developer skills are required in ABAP only – no developer skills needed for native development (C#, Java, Objective-C, …) or HTML5 (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, UI5-Framework, JQuery, …)
  • State-Of-The-Art Security:  Strengthened with the integration of all market leading secure container solutions: MobileIron AppConnect, BlackBerry Dynamics (Good Dynamics), AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile®
  • Surprisingly short project durations

  • Cost-efficient: Competitive pricing with proven ROI and TCO 

Digital transformation made easy by ISEC7 for SAP® solutions


  • Identify your paper-based processes
  • Identify process steps where enterprise mobility can enable additional value
  • Leverage the use of realtime data, seamless workflows and data anywehre


  • Your SAP ERP or CRM is full of business data
  • Use cases for sales, service technicians, managers and others

3 | ISEC7 for SAP® solutions

  • Ready-to-use packages for Sales, Customer Service, Plant Maintenance, Workflows, Production, ...
  • Mobile On- / Offline integration into SAP


  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • Enterprise Mobility Magagement (EMM / MDM)

Typical project schedule

First week

  • Receive transports via email and import them into development System (0:30h)
  • Remote activation of web services and configuration of the app (1:00h)

Duration: 1,5 hours

Mobile available functionality for sales reps or service technicians  via corporate WIFI

Second week

Workshop onsite – optional as a developer training

  • Overview of technology and functionality
  • Solution design  and implementation of customer-specific enhancements
  • Customer-specific changes in delivered search and detail screens
  • Mobilization of Workflows

Duration: 3 days

Result: Enhanced solution and trained ABAP developers

Following weeks

  • Setup of reverse proxy, web dispatcher, VPN or secure container solution by customer (1-3 days)
  • Additional enhancements and developments by customer or integration Partner (5-30 days)