Our customers

Whether working with teams or managing multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts, our customers benefit from the ease of access and a secure way of sharing information - without sharing personal passwords or sensitive data. With the rapid pace of today's working environments, teams may change quickly and often interface with multiple departments. ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate is ideal for

  • Personal Assistants
  • Legal Aides and Teams
  • Cross-department Project Managers
  • Government Officials and Support Teams
  • Security Guards
  • Transportation and Logistics Aides
  • Temporary Project Managers and Interns
  • Multi-Domain workers

Let customers talk - references

Automotive Customer

One of the largest autmotives deployed ISEC7 MED to provide better collaboration to org-wide and external teamworkers.

Government Customer

An US Government customer uses the app to give PA's access to their inbox to view and respond to time critical information.

Federal State Police

70.000+ and growing... The Federal Police Forces rely on ISEC7 MED as a PIM and Delegate Mailbox client for internal communication.