How does your organization benefits using ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate

Collaboration is a must in today digital world. Teamworkers are challenged by the complexitiy of the work in multiple organisations or teams, different roles and multiple accounts. So companies need to answer the following three questions:

  • How to work fast and easy on your team's and supervisor's emails and schedules?
  • How to access public folder on the go?
  • How to respond to emails received in a Shared Mailbox?
  • How to managed ressources & equipement in Public Folders from your mobile?
  • How to be GDPR compliant when use your contacts data with CarKit integration?

There are dozens of use cases and benefits for enterprises. Talk to our inside sales teams to discuss yours!


Productivity & Efficiency

Employees will be more productive and satisfied with their mobile end user experience as they are able to access these shared resources.  Teams will operate more efficiently because they can respond faster to messages sent to shared emails.  The C-employees will benefit from better visibility into approval workflows.  These same C-suite employees will be able to delegate access to their executive administrators for calendar and mailbox management. 

Multi-Account & Multi-Domain Support

Users can centralize multi domain accounts on a single device


Security will improve as login credentials no longer need to be handed out and because the application is already containerized within the leading EMM tools, security controls and data loss prevention policies can be applied.