Our Customers

Leading global enterprises and organizations rely on the ISEC7 Mobile Infrastructure Management and Monitoring Solution to ensure their IT operations, offer better end-user-support and assist complex-migration sceanrios.

More than 150 global players are using ISEC7's EMM Suite with more than 2.7 million monitored devices today.

Let customers talk... ISEC7 EMM Suite References

Aerospace Company

The world´s leading aerospace company and commercial jetliner manufacturer implemented 

ISEC7's EMM Suite to monitor 75,000 devices.

Government Customers

Eight Governments implemented the ISEC7 EMM Suite into their high-secure mobile infrastructure to monitor and manage their mobile devices.

Large European Bank

A large global bank utilized the migration capabilities to perform a cross Groupware migration of 11,500 mobile devices from Domino to Exchange

International Law Company

One of the top 5 global Law companies invested in ISEC7's EMM Suite to increase the efficiency of mobile IT operations and service responsiveness.

Global Bank

A leading US based Global Bank improved its performance for 75,000 end-users applying ISEC7's EMM Suite solution globally.

Large US Bank

A multinational financial service corporation invested in ISEC7's EMM Suite to manage their 20,000 mobile users & devices.