Secure Messenger by Teamwire

About Teamwire

Teamwire Messenger Alternative zu Whatsapp

The public/private cloud-based messenger solution Teamwire offers secure and simple communication via chat/messenger between mobile employees and offices/control centers for the exchange of messages, documents and web links, as well as the optionally configurable alarm or automated query of databases.


  •  Effective connections of mobile employees/emergency services with the office/control center
  •  GDPR-compliant encrypted chat between mobile participants & desktop
  •  Fast sharing of data & documents within the chat
  •  Alarm functions
  •  Chatbots for standardized query of databases (case number update etc.)
  •  Flexible creation of chat groups (1,000 users max)
  •  Connection to Active Directory (optional)
  •  Multi-tenant communication
  •  Optional communication between tenants, if configured



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