Secure Remote HomeOffice Access to Intranet

About BlackBerry Desktop & BlackBerry Cylance

BlackBerry Desktop

BlackBerry Desktop supports secure access to corporate data & applications from unmanaged desktops and tablets, i.e. PCs of your employees at home. It offers a containerized environment that enables employee productivity, without the complexities and high costs of traditional VPNs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


For additional security at home from viruses, trojans or other attacks and malware, you can rely on the most advanced Artificial Intelligence based EndPoint protection solution from BlackBerry: BlackBerry Cylance. Maximum security simply managed from the cloud.


The combination of both products offers your employees a comfortable and productive work from home solution, while protecting your company data with advanced security solutions.

Features of Secure HomeOffice Desktop | BlackBerry Desktop

  • Simply activate users by sending an activation key
  • Outlook functions for e-mail, calendar and contacts
  • Access and edit documents with an integrated editor or Microsoft Office 365 apps
  • Access to Intranet sites
  • Access to cloud-based business apps


Video Secure HomeOffice | BlackBerry Access (englisch)

Features of Secure HomeOffice Protect | BlackBerry Cylance

  • Protect home workstations from Internet threats
  • Antivirus & malware protection based on artificial intelligence
  • Real-time protection with zero-day malware protection
  • Management from the Cloud for fast roll-out and easy administration


Video Secure HomeOffice | BlackBerry Cylance (Englisch)