Onboarding Procedure

Please inform yourself about the onboarding procedure below. The goal of the quick start packages is to enable as many companies as possible in a short period of time to give employees a quick and secure access to company resources.

1 | Registration

When registering, please provide all necessary information immediately. Your licenses will be issued promptly and provided with further instructions.

Individual Request

If you would like to speak to one of our sales representatives or technical consultants in advance, please request an individual consultation.

Individual consultation for Federal, State, Local Authority and Health Care

Are you a federal, state and local authority, a related agency, a health care or an emergency services organization? Then request individual consultancy on the free quick start package for governmental agencies.

An ISEC7 representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

2 | License Delivery & Software Download

After checking your registration data, 50 licenses for secure messenger and secure email will be made available to you immediately and an appointment for implementation and briefing will be scheduled.

3 | Implementation and Briefing

In a short briefing (2-4 hours) with your organization's IT contact person, the solutions will be configured, and you will be briefed on the functionality, use and administration of the solution.

4 | Offer

After implementation & setup, you will receive a non-binding offer. The first objective with this campaign is to enable as many companies as possible to start immediately in a short time.

5 | Support During Initial Term

The IT contacts of the respective organization have access to the ISEC7 Customer Care Portal and can open incidents there to receive quick support.

6 | After the Initial Term (4 weeks)

The licenses run as a free trial and automatically expire after the 4 weeks. You do not need to actively cancel. You will be contacted by us after the licenses have been issued and a continuation offer will be made to you. If you no longer need the solutions, the licenses are deactivated, and your data deleted after confirmation.