HomeOffice & Crisis Communication

ISEC7 Group, together with its partners Microsoft, BlackBerry and Teamwire, enables companies and organizations to start quickly and securely tele-working and maintain communication in crises.


In the current COVID-19 pandemic, time is a critical component. ISEC7 provides you with a modular set of solutions with which you can quickly and easily meet all the essential requirements for a modern and secure way to work from home, maintaining your communication and collaboration even in these difficult times.

Regardless of how your company is positioned in the digital workplace, ISEC7 offers modules for:

  1. A secure and GDPR compliant messenger
  2. Access to secure, mobile e-mail with extended functions for collaborative work in duty rosters, public folders or functional mailboxes
  3. An easy way to convert your employees' PCs into secure home workplaces

If you are not already operating a cloud infrastructure, ISEC7 offers a short-term provision of Microsoft Office 365.


Our goal is to quickly transition your company into secure tele-working home offices from a single source, with our almost 20 years of expertise.


Federal, state and local authorities, related agencies, as well as health care and emergency services organizations are entitled to obtain a free entry package for up to 100 users consisting of secure messenger and the secure mobile email client.


Modular solution set quick start for companies:

ISEC7 provides you with a solution for

  1. secure messenger,
  2. secure e-mail access, and
  3. secure home office
  4. for 50 free users
  5. for 4 - 8 weeks and
  6. optional free access for 6 months to the Microsoft Office 365 E1 cloud functions for secure collaboration.


Secure Messenger | Teamwire

  • Mobile & Desktop client
  •  Secure 1:1 chat
  • Secure group chat
  •  Secure document sharing
  •  Alert function
  • Chatbot, e.g. query of central databases

50 Licenses | 4 weeks for free
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Secure Mail | ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate

  •  Mobile access to primary mailbox
  • Mobile access to delegates
  • Group- and functional mailboxes
  • Mobile access to rosters, contacts and e-mail in public folders
  • Cross-organizational access

50 Licenses  | 4 weeks for free

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Secure HomeOffice | BlackBerry Desktop

  • BlackBerry Desktop for secure access to e-mail, calendar and contacts
  • Work securely with documents with an integrated editor or Office 365 apps
  • Access to corporate websites and cloud apps
  • BlackBerry Cylance - Cloud and AI-based threat protection for home office PCs

BlackBerry Desktop | 2 months for free

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Cloud Platform | Microsoft Office 365 E1

  •  Microsoft O365 E1 Cloud Platform
  • Web-based office applications
  • Outlook for e-mails, calendar, contacts,…
  • MS Teams for web conferencing (Voice & Video)
  • Cloud storage for shared document editing



Microsoft Office 365 E1 | 6 months for free

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Both software solutions (Modules 1 & 2) are Made in Germany with data kept in German data centers (Module 1). The solutions are already being used successfully in several federal states with more than 100,000 licenses. Appropriate certificates of non-objection and permission to use/approvals are available.