UEM Health Check

A health check is performed to ensure that the EMM system is performing as designed and installed correctly. We will also endeavour to mitigate any potential minor issues turning into major problems using industry best practices.

The Process

We document the current configuration of the EMM system including operating system and messaging systems, and at this time also check that there are no current operational issues with the client or users being reported. Copies of the Server logs are then taken and we perform a thorough analysis of these files for errors. Normally these log files do not contain any confidential customer information, just server event information.

We provide a written report outlining the current operation and performance including recommendations on the operation of the system e.g. whether upgrades, service packs or hotfixes should be applied). This includes fixes for errors that have already manifested themselves and preventative maintenance steps to reduce potential issues and threats.

What do we need from you?

We can perform a health check either on-site, or via a remote connection. We will require access to both the system servers and the messaging systems, with a member of the client’s staff available for the duration of the collection of data.

How long will it take?

It depends on the number of servers, for a single server the health check normally requires a day connected to the server. The analysis of the log files is carried out off site, this is the time consuming part of the process and we would expect three to five days to compile a report.

Any questions?