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ISEC7 to become 1st global BlackBerry Shield Advisor

In a world where connected devices have become integral to business operations, the need for ensuring their security is greater than ever. That is why BlackBerry is proud to announce the launch of the SHIELD Advisor Program, a new initiative to help our partners better manage risks and improve the security of IoT devices in the workplace.


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Innocuous applications leads to considerable Data Leak... that a concern for your organisation?

Strava “the social network for athletes” published an update global heat map of running routes in November. Included in that dataset were running routes for far flung isolated locations, which turned out to be military bases, patrol routes, supply line, etc. all shared by the Strava application. We all have to juggle BYOD and proprietary information that needs to needs to be protected on these devices. How do we walk the line of allowing users to still use their devices whilst protecting the data that we have been charged with protecting.

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ISEC7 Group at the BlackBerry Security Summit

Enterprise mobility expert ISEC7 Group presents the capability of its products at this year’s BlackBerry Security Summit in London (October 24 to 25) and New York (November 14-15). The BlackBerry Security Summit is the premier industry event for executives to gain profound insights into security of mobile infrastructures.


As one of the first movers in the area of enterprise mobility, ISEC7 is familiar with the current challenges and expectations with regards to security. ISEC7 experts provide information on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Mobile Risk Management, Mobile Threat Management and Mobile App Reputation.

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Secure File Sharing with ISEC7 Group

The enterprise mobility expert ISEC7 has become a BlackBerry Workspaces Specialist of the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program for Solution Providers.


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BlackBerry Dynamics Apps and UEM Client Updates are available

The new BlackBerry Dynamics Apps and UEM clients are now available for Android and iOS and offer new features.


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