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Sicheres Messaging im Zeitalter von Corona & Co.

Gerade in der heutigen Zeit, in der Viren nicht nur virtuell, sondern physisch reell im Umlauf sind und Menschen sowie Wirtschaft beeinträchtigen, müssen Unternehmen schnell und sicher kommunizieren können:

Ob unterwegs oder in Quarantäne im Homeoffice – eine sichere und schnelle Kommunikation jenseits von E-Mails ist für Unternehmen und den öffentlichen Sektor wichtig >>


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How could Jeff Bezos' iPhone Hack Be Prevented

So, have you read the latest story about how Jeff Bezos’ iPhone was hacked using a malware implant, and then all his personal data on the phone was stolen?

If not, the plot makes for a television drama series or big hit movie that takes the box office by storm. I apologize, but this blog won’t satisfy that storyline, but if you are a techie guy like me, continue on.

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Survey Stakeholders to Identify Their Level of Satisfaction and Desires for Their Mobile Experience

Enterprise mobility roadmaps are designed to meet the goals and yield positive end results for the organization –increase customer satisfaction and insights, increase cost and time savings to your mobility program. To truly accelerate your progress, ISEC7 recommends seven mission critical moves for an excellent mobility experience in 2020. In this blog, we will drill into the topic of surveying the end users to identify their level of satisfaction, adoption and desires of their mobile experience.


Why is this critical?  Because successful mobility programs is based end users’ adoption and experiences. In turn, positive operational outcomes will follow.  Below are simple, actionable steps you can take to better understand the hurdles affecting your mobility program.


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Top 7 Mission Critical Moves for an Excellent Mobility Experience in 2020

The enterprise mobility sector is evolving at lightning speed due to digital transformation, and the lexicon continues to grow.  Rather than try to address the magnitude of change that we will see in this sector in the following paragraphs, we decided to provide seven mission critical moves with actionable steps you can take in

2020 for an excellent mobility experience. Get moving, though. The demands and requirements of your workplace are evolving.


The global workforce conducts business everywhere, and sensitive information follows them with increasing areas of vulnerabilities. Gartner predicts through 2023, 30% of IT organizations will extend the BYO policies to ancillary connected devices to better consume corporate data.  Gartner continues referring to wearables that can help people manage their work life and home life in greater harmony.


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ISEC7 Receives BlackBerry’s 2019 EMEA New Business Award

The enterprise mobility expert and service provider was honored as one of BlackBerry’s highest achievers in global partnership


Hamburg, October 2, 2019 – ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) is consistently recognized as a trailblazer in the enterprise mobility space and a valuable contributor to  the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program, and is awarded 2019 EMEA New

Business Award during the BlackBerry World Tour 2019 event. Ceremonies took place on London. ISEC7 was also recognized for previous awards in recent years, including:

  • 2019 TOP Partner DACH Award
  • 2018 TOP ISV Innovation Award
  • 2018 TOP EMEA Channel Specialist Award
  • 2018 TOP Developer Responsiveness Award
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