Teamwire is a fast, easy to use and secure app for all your enterprise messaging needs. The app helps to get things done, increase the productivity and improve the internal communication.


Teamwire helps businesses in various industries to improve the internal communication, get things done, optimize the collaboration, accelerate workflows and increase the productivity.


Fast Messaging

  • 1:1 chat & group chat
  • Push notifications
  • Realtime messaging
  • Visual inbox

Group Messages

  • Own groups
  • Multi-Thread ability
  • User-defined title
  • Team chats

Mobile Content

  • Video and voice messages
  • Appointments, locations and photos 
  • Private sharing of contents
  • Documents and files 

Messaging functions

  • Read receipts
  • Easy administration
  • Individual fonts and & patterns

Extended functions

  • Individual profile sites
  • Connection with company directory

Supported Operation Systems

  • Smartphones, tablets & PC
  • Synchronized chats

Data sheets

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