Smart app for smartphones

With SecurePIM, you can finally communicate securely with your smartphone and tablet , whether you are at home, on the go or in a business setting. All sensitive data – both personal and business-related – are encrypted and located in a secure container.


Information at your fingertips

What makes smartphones and tablets so popular? They make our daily lives and our work easier! SecurePIM protects your personal and corporate data, so you can communicate with your bank or doctor in private, consult the latest version of business documents or manage your appointments while on the road.


Mobile work
Do you want to use your smartphone or tablet for work too? You can access all your important business data in SecurePIM Enterprise at any time, wherever you are. Even intranet applications can be used securely. Of course, needless to say that your company’s IT department cannot access any of your personal data that are located outside SecurePIM.


One app for everything

Send encrypted emails and protect your documents and photos and rest assured that they will not land in the wrong hands even if you lose your device. With SecurePIM Enterprise and SecurePIM Government, even your contacts are safe from unauthorised access by means of apps. Your appointments and tasks are managed in SecurePIM’s secure container.


Do you want to use SecurePIM to protect your personal communications? Are you looking for a solution to allow your company’s staff to use mobile devices at work securely? Do you need a mobile app that complies with the strictest security requirements and that has been approved by the BSI (Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security)?

Three versions of SecurePIM are available, with different setups and functions. One thing is certain in all cases, though: whatever version fits your needs, SecurePIM will always protect your data with security technology “made in Germany”.

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