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Make sure that sensitive emails aren’t delivered to mobile devices – with janusGATE Mobile


janusGATE Mobile is a message filter installed on Exchange Server that prevents sensitive emails from reaching mobile devices and alerts users to pick them up from their desktops.


With more devices in use, and plenty being lost with ever more data and applications on them, sensitive data on mobile devices is a major exposure for most enterprises.


Instead of preventing all email access by mobile or limiting email access to a few, or going to the expense of email containers for everyone, there is a simpler way: make the problem much smaller.


You could just focus on the 5-15% of messages that are sensitive and make the problem manageable and the solution cost-effective.


janusGATE Mobile filters email traffic, stops any sensitive traffic from reaching the device, and alerts the user to collect the full message from the corporate desktop, within a container, VPN or VDI window. This approach has a number of benefits

  • Choice– let users bring in any device which uses ActiveSync
  • Fast deployment – no need to reconfigure the device or its operating system
  • Productivity gains – enjoy the full benefits of mobility without the added exposure
  • Adaptability – add new devices, temporary users, scale up or down and change rules as you need
  • Flexibility – secure your emails whether you have an email classification system or not
  • Peace of mind –enforce your policies for email to mobile devices, and enhance your compliance.

janusGATE Mobile works with any mobile device or operating system that has Active Sync, and will easily adapt to new and changing devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Blackberry
  • Windows

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