CA Mobile application analytics

The secret to a successful mobile app? A great user experience.

To get your app firing on all cylinders, you need to monitor, analyze and fix your app on the fly. CA Mobile App Analytics is the only fully integrated app toolset on the market, with app performance management, developer analytics and usage analytics all in one complete package.

In today’s mobile app economy, end-user experience is key. Despite the complexity of today’s application delivery

chain, end-users expect a flawless experience—no matter how, when or where they access your app. With over 2.6

million mobile apps available for download, competition is fierce. How can you ensure a mobile app experience that

elevates your offering above the thousands of other choices your customers have?

CA Mobile App Analytics goes beyond app look and feel and monitors the user transaction end-to-end to ensure the

performance users demand.

CA Mobile App Analytics. Your upper hand in the mobile-app race

Operational Efficiency

Get end-to-end visibility into the performance of your mobile apps.

Developer Insights

Identify issues at the 30,000-foot level and zoom all the way into a specific line of code.

User Behavior Intelligence

View and segment analytics based on key usage metrics, including user engagement, retention an device flow.

Enhance the quality of mobile apps, and deliver a 5-star customer experience

CA Mobile App Analytics stimulates collaboration between business analysts, developers, operations and support in order to accelerate mobile app delivery and improve end-user experience.

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