ISEC7 EMM Suite - Hybrid EMM Management & Monitoring

The ISEC7 EMM Suite is a highly effective, platform independent mobile device management and monitoring suite.  At one glance ISEC7 EMM dashboard shows you the source of the failure: Control lights immediately indicate the current status of all components within your mobile communication. The ISEC7 EMM Suite facilitates the use of even very complex infrastructures and delivers all relevant information to keep your business processes smoothly and cost controlled running.

The solution allows

  • an optimized operation of your mobile infrastructure (BlackBerry, Good, AirWatch, MobileIron, etc.) and
  • a best possible administration of your smartphone fleet (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and
  • unmatched end-2-end mobile infrastructure monitoring including EMM, legacy servers, carriers, devices and much more

The software was developed by experienced mobile data integrators who know about the real needs of administrators.

The Facts

The mobilisation of business processes and the change to MobileFirst companies requires a stabil EMM infrastructure. Since 2004 ISEC7 develops the EMM Suite with the focus on monitoring from the view of the mobility administrator. Following facts show the benefit:

  • Platform comprehensive monitoring of more than 750 parameters
  • End-2-End monitoring with real-time health check
  • Monitoring of the relevant infrastructure (EMM, GroupWare, database servers, net infrastructure and server, user,  device, compliance, app and licence monitoring 
  • central dashboard for daily administration tasks
  • high scalability up to 150,000+ devices

With the ISEC7 EMM Suite, more than 200 mobile infrastructures are managed and more than 1,75 millions devices are monitored regarding their functionality.