ISEC7 Classify

Easily manage and enforce email classification

ISEC7 Classify is an easy-to-use platform that ensures users correctly tag and distribute sensitive documents while using their Microsoft Office apps on desktops or smartphones as usual, in compliance with data sensitivity regulations.


Central management of policy sets, sender & recipient analysis of domains, and availability on desktop and smartphone enable holistic management and assurance of email classification.

Ensure compliance with data classification regulations

Several executive orders on cybersecurity have been issued in recent years, including one that requires classified information to be marked with certain labels indicating the level of classification and where the information can be disseminated. In light of these new federal requirements, it is of utmost importance that government agencies adhere to and meet these standards. This is where ISEC7 Classify comes in. 


ISEC7 Classify is an indispensable tool for all agencies with privacy requirements, providing an easy-to-use way to ensure that all emails, calendar entries and Microsoft Office documents are properly labelled and compliant with laws and regulations. ISEC7 Classify is designed to prevent users from mistakenly or maliciously misclassifying their communications.




ISEC7 Classify integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook and the PIM app ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate.

The main function for enforcing classification when sending a mail is the forced classification of the message to be sent. This prevents emails and attachments that require protection from being sent.


In addition, recipient addresses are checked against the central policy management. Familiar recipient addresses or domains are automatically recognised. If recipients are not stored in the policy set, the respective recipient is marked and sending is prevented. This eliminates user errors in the scope of confidential messages. 


The e-mail is marked with appropriate labels when it is sent so that the classification is immediately visible to the recipient.

Core functions of ISEC7 Classify


  • Ensures compliance with government regulations for data labelling and classification 
  • Supports data tagging requirements in the zero-trust architecture 
  • Verifies proper sender and recipient permissions based on classification levels and dissemination controls 
  • Requires no additional infrastructure for deployment 
  • Works on any device, including iOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Same user experience with all Microsoft Office applications on the web as with native clients


Central policy management to ensure the classification of e-mails in association with governmental users of a country as well as the selective classification when communicating with friendly states.

Use in government networks to ensure the classification of communications in the internal area, in association with other ministries and the selective classification of messages in the association of states for special situations.

More secure classification of emails and file attachments in exchanges between several ministries of different states with very complex and multivariant recipient groups.

Supported Platforms

ISEC7 Classify is available as an add-on for:


  • Microsoft Outlook Web
  • Microsoft Outlook Windows Client
  • Microsoft Word ( Desktop & Cloud App )


In addition, ISEC7 Classify is seamlessly integrated with ISEC7 SPHERE and ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate, the leading email & PIM client for government and enterprise with enhanced functionality and security needs!


For more information on ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate, please visit the product website.