Lookout | Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Securing your apps and data, from endpoint to cloud

Lookout CASB protects your data with complete visibility and control

Lookout CASB secures your apps and data from endpoint to cloud
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In the modern work environment, we rely on cloud services to collaborate with colleagues, contractors and partners. It no longer matters where we work or what device we use — we now have easy access to the data we need to be productive.

Amid the skyrocketing collaboration, your data is going where it’s needed. Employees work from everywhere, collaborating over networks and devices that you may not have control over. They’re also juggling between personal and work cloud apps to keep up with life responsibilities.

Collaboration may have skyrocketed, but so have the risks your data is exposed to.


Maintaining visibility and control as you move to the cloud

As your organization collaborates in the cloud, you need to protect your data while also making sure you stay compliant with regulations. You need an intricate knowledge of your data and how your users behave to ensure that only the right people have access. You need to be able to spot suspicious activity such as excessive login attempts or mass downloads, regardless of devices or cloud. The same goes for being able to locate your data across multiple clouds and classify it to prevent leaks.
In this collaborative environment with no boundaries, you need to regain the visibility and controls you had in your perimeter.

Control access to your data - wherever it goes

Lookout | CASB

Security needs to follow your data wherever it goes — regardless of who is using it, how it’s being used and which cloud services it flows through.


In one place, Lookout CASB gives you complete visibility into your cloud apps and data so that you can have full control of what’s going on. The solution enables you to dynamically dial-in precise access with deep understanding of how your users behave and the types of data they access and share.


With an optimal combination of forward and reverse proxies, Lookout CASB gives you control over all endpoints and app instances regardless of whether they are managed by your organization or not. In addition, the Lookout CASB integrates with enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to enforce access policies at the endpoint. It is also ensured that you stay in control across multi-cloud environments. This helps you meet compliance requirements and protect your sensitive intellectual property by restricting how your data is handled.


Selection of context-aware attributes

  • User
  • User group
  • IP address
  • Location
  • Device type
  • Operating system
  • User behavior
  • Device compliance
  • IP risk


  • Simplifies security governance on all cloud and private apps
  • Integrates with productivity suites such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Delivers extensive data discovery capabilities across multi-cloud deployments
  • Protects data with advanced classification and Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Secures and controls data shared externally with encryption and rights management
  • Detects insider threats with User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)
  • Manages security posture of cloud infrastructure and applications


Data sheet

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