Hypergate | Modern Workplace Made Simple

What does Hypergate stands for?

Hypergate leverages your existing infrastructure and enables your employees to access company resources on their Android Enterprise and iOS smartphones like they are used to with a computer with two solutions:

  • Hypergate Authenticator and
  • Hypergate File


In Detail | Seamless Access to Company Resources

With Hypergate Authenticator and Files, you can 

  • replicate the desktop device setup for Kerberos authentication and
  • access to all your business critical applications and
  • on-premise data on any Android or iOS mobile device, using any EMM solution and utilising your existing investment into Active Directory.


Hypergate Authenticator

Mobile Active Directory (Kerberos) Authentication Made Simple

Hypergate Authenticator is a managed application on the mobile device that delivers a seamless and secure Single Sign-On solution integrating directly with your Active Directory.


The solution leverages the industry standard Kerberos to provide the best possible user experience without compromising on security. Enable SSO specifically with Android Enterprise which is otherwise not available.

Hypergate Authenticator | Features

Enables Kerberos SSO Within Minutes Not Months

Hypergate is fast, not only when interacting with the User, also when implementing it. Enable your Users with Kerberos authentication by simply pushing Hypergate on their device.


Truly Mobile

If there is an issue with the password of the user, this can be varied and changed by them directly on their device, without contacting IT staff for help (SSPR). No dependence on having to use a computer to reset the password. With Hypergate, you can allow staff to become truly mobile.


No Infrastructure Changes Needed

Hypergate simulates a secure Smart Card logon and handles the native Kerberos protocol just like any other workstation in your network. The communication happens directly with your KDC (Domain Controller), no additional backend component needs to be installed.


Zero User Touch

With Hypergate’s easy implementation, the best thing is that the end-user will never interact with Hypergate directly. All requests are handled in the background, your user can happily enjoy their login-free SSO experience.



Allows IT-administrators, to control when, where and how the employees get access to specific data. To enable the SmartAccess service no additional infrastructure or network is needed.


Hypergate Files

Seamless Native Access to on-premise Network Shares

All file types are supported by their native apps, no special viewer, editor or custom implementation, just pure usability.

Enterprise productivity is boosted by flexibility and the way you access data must be no different. There are many reasons to move some data to the cloud and there are also many to keep some of it on-premise. What is key to either approach is the user experience to access data and this needs to be simple, consistent and secure on any device, particularly mobile.


With Hypergate Files users can access on-premise data with the same user experience as a computer, now on the mobile device. This means they can do their work as efficiently and accurately as possible.


Hypergate File | Features

Improved User Experience

As Hypergate Files is a simple file explorer solution, documents will open in their native format. Users can use their existing skills of the existing formats to make changes easily and quickly. No change in workflow or need for retraining.


Reduced Costs

Your business has already invested in document based applications. Do not invest again in a solution that forces those applications to open in a different format. Also, no need to retrain the users on how to edit or send documents because the process uses all the native mail and document applications the users are experienced with.


Fully Integrated

All file types supported – docx, xlsx, pdf, video, psd etc. through the use of their native Applications like Microsoft Word, Excel etc.


Out of the box compatibility with Enterprise Mobility Management solutions

Hypergate brings out of the box compatibility with EMM solutions like Ivanti / MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE® UEM powered by AirWatch, SOTI MobileControl® or BlackBerry® UEM.

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