Endpoint Security Solutions

How secure are your IT systems? Could you withstand a cyberattack? Are you sure? There are two ways to answer these questions: One is to wait for an attack to happen. The other is to talk to ISEC7 about our Endpoint Cyber Consulting Services and Solutions portfolio.


The secret to successful mobilization projects is an uncompromising implementation of security solutions to defend against and monitor cyber crime threats.

ISEC7 supports you in defining the mobile strategy and supports you in choosing the right solutions for the security of your data and infrastructure. In doing so, ISEC7 focuses on the best-in-class and best-practice experience of numerous projects or researches the right solution for you on the market. Numerous partnerships round off our portfolio:

  •     Mobile threat management solutions
  •     Increased security of communication (voice, chat & data)
  •     Post-QUantum-Safe Comunication and Quantum Key Distribution
  •     Use and error analysis of applications
  •     Audit & logging of corporate communications for mobile devices
  •     Crisis communication solutions for authorities, services, hospitals and large companies

ISEC7 Security Solutions Partners