VMware Workspace One UEM (AirWatch)

Mobile device management

AirWatch gives you access to devices, as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, that work with your Connect company network, content and resources. Bind your devices quickly and easily. Simply enter into your corporate environment, reconnect and update device settings remotely and enforce security policies and compliance.

Mobile app management

AirWatch allows you to manage internal, public and purchased apps on all connected devices. Distribute, update, track and recommend apps using the AirWatch App catalog. Develop custom internal apps with the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) or wrap existing internal apps with AirWatch's App Wrapping.

Mobile content management

With the AirWatch Secure Content Locker, AirWatch secures the distribution of documents and supports the

cooperation with company content. Save your corporate documents, email attachments etc. in the secure container and protect sensitive data with user authentication, encryption, geofencing, document distribution blocking, and off-line restrictions.

Mobile email management

AirWatch integrates into your existing email infrastructure to provide security for mobile email offer. Control access to email and encrypt with AirWatch Secure Email Gateway. Sensitive data to prevent data loss. Containerize your emails and offer you a native user experience with AirWatch Email Client for Android and Apple iOS. Open email attachments in AirWatch secure content locker to secure data.

Mobile browsing management

The AirWatch browser is a safe alternative to browsers and offers the possibility of user-defined conjure settings to meet their business and consumer needs. The AirWatch browser allows administrators to set secure web browsing policies without deny and enforce device-level VPN, as well as secure whitelists, blacklists or

Kiosk mode to congur.

Bring your own device (byod)

AirWatch gives you a choice of manageable device types without compromising security affect. Our flexible model supports company-owned, employee-owned and shared devices. Manage all devices from one central platform, protect the privacy of the users, give users management capabilities and secure corporate data.


AirWatch Workspace provides a complete separation of corporate and personal information on one device and ensures that company resources are secured while the privacy of the company employee is retained. AirWatch allows companies to implement security and strategies, avoiding Data Loss (DLP) with AirWatch Workspace through a containerization.

AirWatch Workspace provides a secure container solution for all enterprise data including email, apps, content, and browsing, and is managed without MDM at the app level.

Product description

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