Android Enterprise

Android zero-touch enrollment introduces seamless deployment of corporate-owned Android devices, from online management configuration to simple setup for employees.Android is the most popular mobile enterprise platform, powering four out of every five devices shipped for business use.

The challenge for businesses is they need to trust their mobile devices to complete critical workflows and handle sensitive corporate data in their day-to-day use. Organizations need to find a way to protect their data against a range of risks and threats on these devices.

The Android difference

Google provides powerful, multi-layered security built into every device to protect data. Combining hardware security with Android OS hardening ensures device integrity. Industry leading exploit mitigation, sandboxing, and remote attestation services help detect and prevent exploitation and data loss. Google Play Protect, the world’s largest threat detection system, runs on all devices, protecting against potentially harmful apps. Finally, we deliver a robust set of enterprise APIs that provide controls to secure data, preserve privacy, and help ensure device integrity.


Manage fleets of devices

with enforced management

and security to protect your brand


Take advantage of expanding

device choice as the Android-wide

program grows to include more

and different devices


Create a win-win for your IT team

and employees by freeing up your

help desk and getting employees

productive faster

Introduction to Zero-Touch-Enrollment

More information

Android Enterprise Zero Touch Enrollment
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Android Enterprise Security Data Sheet
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