Advisory board ISEC7 Group AG

Dr. Marco Miklis

Chairman of the Board
Strategy & Marketing

Jörg Greshake
Advisory Board
Sales & Finance

Michael Brandt

Advisory Board

Products & Technologies

Board ISEC7 Group AG

Marco Gocht ISEC7 Group CEO

Marco Gocht
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Roger Dost ISEC7 Group CFO

Roger Dost
CFO - Chief Finance Officer

Guido Wilken  ISEC7 Group CDO

Guido Wilken

CDO - Chief Development Officer (Software)

Managing directors of regional entities

Roger Dost ISEC7 GmbH

Roger Dost / Marco Gocht

ISEC7 GmbH - Germany


Marco Gocht ISEC7 GmbH

Marco Gocht

ISEC7 GmbH - Germany


Michael Brandt ISEC7 US INC

Arthur Tang


Michael Brandt ISEC7 US INC

Shelly Gladhill

ISEC7 Government Services Inc.   - USA

Guido Wilken ISEC7 Software Ltd.

Guido Wilken

ISEC7 Software GmbH - Germany

Matt Townend

ISEC7 UK Ltd. - United Kingdom

Brian Harris

ISEC7 AsiaPacific  - Australia