Code of Conduct

Digitization and mobility are changing the world, enabling global communication in fractions of a second and offering even small companies opportunities in global cooperation.


Tomorrow nothing will be the way our parents' generation got to know the world. The change to the digital economy, the unstoppable advance of apps for smartphones and tablets and advancing digitization are changing our daily lives.

But with the advantages of the digital world, there is also a great deal of responsibility. The responsibility for a peaceful coexistence and humanity, a responsible use of the available resources of our world as well as the trustful handling of the available data - your data and our data.

We at ISEC7 stand for clear rules, because our mutual success is based on the trust of customers, partners and employees!

"The focus is on people, not technology!"

"ISEC7 assures customers that data and information will be
                          handled with confidence!"

"Careful use of resources. Go virtual whenever it's possible!"

ISEC7 Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct is a guideline for all employees of the ISEC7 Group. Specifically, the Code of Conduct is addressed to the management, executives and all our employees, customers and suppliers. The Code of Conduct is binding and represents, on the one hand, the demand on ourselves to live up to the values and principles listed therein and, on the other hand, forms a basis for partnership and responsible cooperation with our business partners.


  • Human rights
  • Environment and Climate
  • Working standards
  • Corruption prevention

To read the full version of ISEC7's Code of Conduct please download the following document.


ISEC7 is Member of the United Nations Global Compact

ISEC7 joined the United Nations Global Compact in June 2021 and is committed to complying with the United Nations principles for sustainable and responsible corporate governance.


Furthermore, ISEC7 implements measures for the implementation and further development of the 17 United Nations Development Goals (SDGs) for sustainable corporate governance and also promotes these in cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers.




ISEC7 Group CFO Roger Dost: "We are proud to be among the first companies in Germany to commit to United Nations collective standards for human rights, labour standards, environment and corruption prevention and to implement the 17 principles for sustainable development and corporate governance within ISEC7."


For more information on the United Nations Global Compact and the SDGs, see here.


ecovadis | External Sustainability Rating

Environmental, social and ethical performance - or sustainability - is now an essential factor for sustainable businesses. More and more companies, are improving their transparency and sustainability practices and publishing initiatives transparently to customers and business partners. 


ISEC7 uses ecovadis, the largest business rating portal with over 75,000 customers, for ongoing external assessment of its sustainability strategy.