ISEC7 Smart Buttons | Push to Action

Can the Internet of Things (IoT) add value to your business?

Solutions that are easy and quickly to implement can speed up daily work processes. ISEC7 Smart Buttons based on the BlackBerry AtHoc Crisis Communication Suite support you in the following areas:

  • Mass alerting | for e.g. company first aiders
  • IoT notification  
  • Process optimization |in the area of facility management

Together with BlackBerry, the ISEC7 Group has developed quickly implementable out-of-the-box solution packages:

ISEC7 Smart Buttons for Company First Responders

Within the EU, first aid workers are mandatory in every company. But how do you alert them in an emergency case and optimally implement the first rescue process?

If someone needs medical help, the person who is helping, simply presses the ISEC7 Smart Button closest to the scene of the accident. This one is connected to all relevant helpers and sends a predefined alarm directly to their smartphones and desktop PCs. First aid has simply started.


ISEC7 Smart Buttons for Facility Management

Whether a broken coffee machine, defect light in a rest room or missing drinks in the break room - just a few of the many requirements that have to be dealt with in the everyday life of a company. Facility management processes are not part of the core business of companies, but they have to ensure a smooth daily workflow. ISEC7 Smart Buttons facilitate these services and save communication channels.

ISEC7 Smart Buttons for Executive Management

"Get me out of here", "Please refill drinks", "please call a taxi", "please send someone from the front office" - possible scenarios that can be done quickly at the push of a button. If required, the ISEC7 Smart Button comes with up to four subdivisions that can be individually programmed to optimize processes within the executive management.

ISEC7 Smart Buttons for Care / Retirement Homes

ISEC7 smart buttons to put on for supporting residents in nursing or retirement homes in cases where they are on the go and need help, for example. Whether in the building or in the open area: depending on the selected communication variant (WiFi, LoRaWan, ...), the user can be located within a radius of 15 km at the push of a button and receive support.

ISEC7 Smart Buttons for Social Services / Authorities

Social, work and integration departments - wherever there may be escalations, an ISEC7 Smart Button supports by quickly alerting the security service: All relevant people can be informed directly at the push of a button and intervene as quickly as possible.

ISEC7 Smart Buttons for Law Enforcement

Save time by just pushing the ISEC7 Smart Button with predefined processes and connection to special forces. The emergency action can immediately start without any additional communiction. A safe and quick solution in critical situations.

Technology Overview

ISEC7 Smart Buttons | Technology Overview

System Components

The ISEC7 Smart Button technology is based on five core components:

  1. BlackBerry Crisis Communication Platform (OnPrem / Cloud)
  2. ISEC7 Smart Buttons (communication via Wifi, LAN, SIM, LoRaWAN, ...)
  3. ISEC7 Smart Button Gateway (software)
  4. Communication protocol (WiFi, LAN, LoRaWAN, SIM)
  5. Smart Buttons