The ISEC7 EMM Suite enables organizations to monitor their entire mobile infrastructure and network, and quickly identify and resolve issues — from one web-based, central console.

Centralized, Real-Time Control

The ISEC7 EMM Suite streamlines the administration of even the most complex infrastructure, regardless of the diversity of MDM and EMM systems, servers, networks, and applications—with proven support for over 175,000 mobile devices. The ISEC7 EMM Suite retrieves data from almost every system related to a company's mobile infrastrucuture and presents them on one dashboard.

With only one system to manage, issues are identified and resolved faster, requiring less IT staff with significant impact on the operational cost.

Proactive Alerts Prevent Outages

Via the EMM Suite dashboard, IT administrators and help desk staff get real-time updates about the mobile infrastructure. The system can monitor over 750 parameters and flags potential issues before they impact the users. Proactive alerts are sent to assigned IT staff who can resolve issues before they turn into outages.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

The ISEC7 EMM Suite, enables regulated industries and governments to efficiently monitor compliance against regulations to prevent a data breach and expensive fines.

User Migration Toolkit

The ISEC7 EMM Suite handles migration of MDM/EMM accounts and settings, managed devices, and groupware, making transitions smoother and more cost-efficient.

User Self Service

Via the fully customizable self-service module, mobile users are able to self-provision, manage and troubleshoot devices. It simplifies tasks such as remote lock, wipe and activation and cuts down the helpdesk calls while increasing user satisfaction.