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ISEC7 named as leading Service Provider for Enterprise Mobility by CRISP

The Crisp Research Report 2017/2018 names the enterprise mobility expert as one of the best service providers for enterprise mobility transformation & service.

ISEC7 Group (ISEC7), enterprise mobility expert from Hamburg, is one of the best service providers for enterprise mobility transformation & service according to the independent IT research and consulting company Crisp Research AG. In its current report “Crisp Vendor Universe, Enterprise Mobility Supplier and Service Provider”, ISEC7 is positioned as an accelerator in the market - with its combination of partner solutions and proprietary applications. Thus, ISEC7 is the study’s leading distinct EMM solution provider.

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ISEC7 Announces Acquisition of PaRaBaL to Strengthen Global Footprint as Enterprise Mobility Management Leader

Hamburg(GE) & Baltimore (US) April 11, 2018

ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) unites with PaRaBaL Incorporated (PaRaBaL) to meet the increasing market demands for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions predicted to reach $2.2B by 2022 (source). Both companies have longstanding commitments to their customers’ mobile experience specializing in developing, implementing and operating mobile infrastructures. With their 100% focus on mobile operational excellence, customers reap the benefits of management dashboards and tools to aid continuous security and compliance.

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ISEC7 EMM Solutions Address DHS and NPPD Notable Concern about IMSI as Real and Growing Risk

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirms International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers, like StingRay, is a problem and the detection must be done at the infrastructure level because IMSI catchers spoof legitimate networks.


Christopher Krebs, a DHS official and top leader of the The National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), said use of IMSI catchers by malicious actors to track and monitor cellular users is "unlawful and threatens the security of communications, resulting in safety, economic and privacy risks."

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ISEC7 join forces with CMDSP to globalize the Mobile IT Pro's credential

We at ISEC7 believe in a EMM vendor agnostic credential for Mobile IT Professionals and support the CDMSP community with a significant funding to increase the reach and globalize the operations of the organization.


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ISEC7 to become 1st global BlackBerry Shield Advisor

In a world where connected devices have become integral to business operations, the need for ensuring their security is greater than ever. That is why BlackBerry is proud to announce the launch of the SHIELD Advisor Program, a new initiative to help our partners better manage risks and improve the security of IoT devices in the workplace.


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