MindLink - Secure enterprise chat

MindLink is a highly secure messaging & collaboration platform built specifically for enterprises. Think of it as a secure alternative to WhatsApp™, designed for business use.


Your 'All-in-One' collaboration platform


Searchable, persistent, real-time - we enable teams to stay connected, reduce Email usage and build a more agile business.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Group Chat
  • File Sharing & Archiving
  • Voice Calling

Secure & Compliant

MindLink offers enterprise-grade data security and compliance archiving to ensure your sensitive business data is protected at all times.

Any Device, Anywhere

Stay connected whereever you are! On web & desktop, mobile devices and tablets.

Powerful Integration

More than just messaging. Embed business data straight within chat channels to create one central place of working - no more switching between systems.



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