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Quantum Computing | Time to Get Post-Quantum Ready
Blog | Expert's view · 07. February 2023
Quantum computing has been on the rise in recent years, going from a conceptual, futuristic technology to becoming a reality. The first quantum-based products are now becoming available to consumers, from computers to smartphones. While this new branch of computing could be a major milestone in the evolution of computers and allow for processing more information faster than before with many applications, it could also possibly endanger the security of our data and communications, as the current...

Data Loss Protection vs. Data Leakage Prevention
Blog | Expert's view · 21. September 2022
Your security posture is made up of many critical components - including network, hardware, software suite, policies, data, and people – that all combined deliver an overall status of an organization’s cybersecurity readiness. In previous blog posts, we talked about the growing need for organizations to strengthen their security posture by way of a cybersecurity plan.

Which secure messaging solution to choose?
Blog | Expert's view · 07. September 2022
Companies operating in regulated sectors in the US, like finance or healthcare, are legally required by federal laws to archive all their business communications, including emails, SMS, and other electronic messages; this is an effort to ensure employees are not avoiding or bypassing anti-fraud or antitrust laws. Civilian government and Department of Defense organizations are now being asked to maintain SMS and call logs to comply with records maintenance and FOIA request requirements.

Cybersecurity Awareness
Blog | Expert's view · 23. August 2022
No matter the size or area of business, all organizations must have a proper cybersecurity strategy in place to protect their infrastructure and data from growing cyber-attacks. However, no matter how much time and money are invested in deploying and later maintaining the best, state-of-the-art solution, it is simply not enough. Contrary to popular belief, most security breaches are not the action of a malicious, external party but come from the inside, usually due to human errors from our very...

Data Loss Protection vs. Data Leakage Prevention
Blog | Expert's view · 26. July 2022
In a recent blog post, we introduced called Data Loss Protection (DLP), a security component and part of Zero Trust (ZT) architecture that is designed to help corporations protect information and avoid unauthorized data and document exfiltration.

IoT - Internet of Things
Blog | Expert's view · 12. July 2022
Security challenge Zero Trust (ZT) is predicated on having the proper access and users to complete multifactor authentication. How do you know that someone is the person they say they are? With the exponential growth of home-based work, boosted even further by the pandemic, more and more employees are now hired remotely, with all interviews and hiring processes conducted online using video conferencing and email. So far so good, but this does represent a potential risk of hiring a person who is...

Mobile Threat Defense
Blog | Expert's view · 11. July 2022
Spoiler: Downloading apps is a risky way You may have heard about the dangers of clicking suspicious email links or entering personal information on inappropriate websites But did you know that, despite this, you are unknowingly taking hidden security risks?

Cybersecurity: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Blog | Expert's view · 28. June 2022
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Preventing a cyberattack is more cost effective than reacting to one. For example, it costs less to first implement a cybersecurity solution(s) rather than forgo security only to end up paying a hefty ransom. Therefore, it is helpful to think of cybersecurity not as a cost, but rather an investment, helping you avoid the larger cost of a cyberattack and the baggage that comes with it, like the toll on your organization’s reputation.

Demystifying Cybersecurity: Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
Blog | Expert's view · 14. June 2022
In the past, all corporate services used to be located on-premises, behind well-guarded walls. With the rise of mobile devices and the need to access all services, from anywhere, on any type of device, organizations have been leveraging cloud providers to host more and more services, seeking to optimize both cost and availability.

X-ray of a Successful Global Enterprise Digital Workplace Strategy
Blog | Expert's view · 22. March 2022
Digital Workplace Strategy for International Enterprise Businesses  Continuing our blog series highlighting digital workplace strategies for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise businesses, this week we will focus on digital workplace strategies for global enterprise businesses. We’ll look at how one global enterprise addresses their digital workplace needs and overall strategy, covering the multitude of offices with hundreds of employees at each location (United Kingdom,...

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