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State Sponsored Cyberwarfare at Your Doorstep: What Can You Do?
Blog | Expert's view · 09. March 2022
Theater of war is not limited to the grounds of faraway lands; your critical infrastructure is a tempting target for those looking to cause disruption or destruction as a part of their warfare. The recent armed conflict has highlighted what is possible and the potential for those state sponsored actors. In the US, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released recommendations on how organizations can protect themselves. No organization, no matter the size or area of...

Why Training is immportant
06. April 2021
When it comes to providing employee training, many organizations must weigh the costs vs. benefits. While training undeniably takes time and money, you will find that over time not training your employees will cost your company a lot more. 

02. October 2019
ISEC7, enterprise mobility expert and service provider, was honored as one of BlackBerry’s highest achievers in global partnership. Ceremonies took place in London.

01. October 2019
ISEC7 shares first look at integrated workspace management and crisis communications offerings. ISEC7 continues to be a driving force in the enterprise mobility sector as top executives join ecosystem partners in London, The Hague, Ottawa, New York City, Toronto, Frankfurt, Singapore and Sydney in the coming months.

18. September 2019
The enterprise mobility leader teams with Check Point Software Technologies Threat Detection and CMDSP for mobile security and administration discounted training for Project Management Institute (PMI) Washington DC Chapter. ISEC7 Group (ISEC7) continues global mission to provide mobile IT-specific solutions to benefit PMO organizations for business process mobilization, mobile operational productivity and mobile security.

17. September 2019
The enterprise mobility leader delivers upon DISA STIG compliance requirements for device monitoring and management for use at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). ISEC7 EMM Suite, pinpoints risks and compliance issues across the entire mobile infrastructure. DISA confirmed that the solution meets the rigorous cybersecurity standards under the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).

21. June 2019
A mobile device management strategy must be a priority for whoever owns enterprise operations. The global workforce conducts business everywhere, and sensitive information follows them via their mobile devices. Unfortunately, mobile endpoints are the weakest link for securing data as the workforce is continuously connects into organizational systems and communications tools from anywhere.

09. April 2018
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirms International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers, like StingRay, is a problem and the detection must be done at the infrastructure level because IMSI catchers spoof legitimate networks. Christopher Krebs, a DHS official and top leader of the The National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), said use of IMSI catchers by malicious actors to track and monitor cellular users is "unlawful and threatens the security of communications,...

27. February 2018
Global CMDSP programme is funded by ISEC7