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21. October 2020
Virus Alert | MTD - Mobile Threat Defense
Enabling complete end-to-end mobile threat protection MobileIron and Zimperium have partnered to provide a complete enterprise mobile security solution that delivers sophisticated threat protection for mobile devices against phishing, as well as protect and remediate against attacks at the device-, network- and application-levels.
15. October 2020
In March 2020, over a third of the world’s population was put into lockdown as the COVID-19 crisis took hold. As a direct consequence of this, the pandemic accelerated an already growing shift towards remote work. Workforces around the world were told they could no longer return to the office and businesses were forced to quickly enable their employees to work remotely. In an instant, the traditional office environment transformed to an ‘Everywhere Enterprise,’ in which work takes place...
09. October 2020
Danger of QR Codes
QR codes are everywhere and, as it turns out, most of us are using them! According to a recent consumer sentiment study conducted by MobileIron, 40% of respondents have scanned a QR code in the past week, and 86% have scanned one in the past year. That’s a lot of people. But what are all those codes being used for, and could they potentially do something unexpected?
07. October 2020
MobileIron Delivers Day Zero compatibility for iOS14
Organizations want to secure corporate data without having to compromise user experience and the latest iOS and iPadOS releases have great device management capabilities that embed security and user privacy. I’m excited to share that MobileIron offers day zero compatibility and key feature support across its product portfolio for the following iOS 14 features:
11. September 2020
In many states, the new school year has started. While schools in some states have resumed in-person instruction, most schools are offering online options or adopting a hybrid model of in-person and remote learning. This means that students are increasingly using their parents’ mobile devices to stay productive and get their homework done amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which can put company networks, infrastructure and information at risk.
04. September 2020
I’m Chris Sherman, a senior analyst serving Security & Risk (S&R) Professionals at Forrester Research, and today’s guest blogger for MobileIron. I recently sat down with the MobileIron team to discuss how I see the modern mobile security landscape evolving. The following video and Q&A help to illuminate some of the most pressing security threats faced by enterprises today — especially as they relate to mobile devices — and the tools used to address these threats. Watch the...
03. September 2020
The ability of an organization to sustain its resilience effort requires the organization to understand and develop essential crisis management frameworks and processes. Typically, frameworks will encompass the phases of preparedness, response and recovery. At the preparedness phase, the identification and prioritization of risks that threaten the existence and continuity of an organization’s delivery of critical business functions is essential for the follow up design of incident response...
02. September 2020
If the coronavirus pandemic was a lemon, then vishing is a cyberattacker’s latest approach to making lemonade. On August 20, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the rise in vishing attacks. In a joint advisory with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the two agencies cautioned organizations of financially-motivated vishing attacks that operate with high efficiency and tight timelines.
31. August 2020
The modern enterprise has an incredible diversity of endpoints accessing their data. This creates a massive attack surface, and as a result, endpoints can easily become the weakest link in your Zero Trust security strategy.
26. August 2020
Last week, MobileIron announced multi-vector mobile phishing protection for iOS and Android devices to help organizations defend against one of the top cybersecurity threats. With more employees working from home than ever before, companies are witnessing a surge in phishing attacks — as hackers are capitalizing on both enterprise security gaps and people’s fears during the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, Google saw more than 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 in...

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