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05. May 2021
Controlling your users as a Guests in other tenants on external meetings
Microsoft Data Loss Prevention is rich in features and has a very wide adoption. In this article two coverage limitations will be addressed: First when a user is a Guest in an external tenant, and second, when an user joins a meeting hosted by external user.
13. April 2021
Information Barriers for Microsoft Teams: capabilities and limitations
Control who can communicate with whom, using specific collaboration options.
22. March 2021
How to mitigate insider risk while allowing 3rd party employees into Teams enviroment
Following case study reflects how SphereShield for Microsoft Teams helps a leading Australian company with over 7,000 employees mitigate insider threats while allowing their workers into their Teams enviroment.
08. March 2021
How to disable / block file sharing in Microsoft Teams?
Capabilities and limitations of using Information Barriers for blocking file sharing in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive In a previous post we discussed the capabilities and limitations of Microsoft Information Barriers for O365 with great detail. However, there is a simple question we wanted to address in this post.
22. February 2021
Information Barriers for Microsoft Teams: capabilities and limitations
In this article we are going to explain what is Information Barriers for Microsoft Teams as well as comment about its advantages and disadvantages for different businesses types.