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06. May 2021
Mobile Threat Defense
It's World Password Day today, an annual celebration of the longest-lived cybersecurity control in computing history. Since the dawn of bits and bytes, passwords have been the pivotal first line of defense for the security of systems and networks.
23. April 2021
Manage Any Critical Event with BlackBerry Alert
Every day, organizations are impacted by critical events, including operational interruptions, network outages, cyber attacks, natural disasters, or other emergencies. According to a recent 2021 report from BCI, in 2020 nearly 50% of businesses faced IT or telecom incidents that triggered their emergency communications plans, while over 45% dealt with adverse weather or natural disasters.
21. April 2021
mobile security challenges
Mobile devices make irresistible targets for threat actors because they’re both ubiquitous and vulnerable. In 2020, there were an estimated 3.5B smartphone users. This year, another 300 million are projected to join their ranks. For the first time, more than half of all devices connected to the Internet are mobile. Many of these devices will be used by remote workers to access their employers’ enterprise networks, cloud applications, and data. By 2024, mobile workers are projected to...
19. April 2021
 Zero trust: The good, the bad and the ugly
Thanks to the pandemic, the zero trust cybersecurity model has come into its own. However, like most things concerning cybersecurity, zero trust has a good side, a bad side and an ugly side. Before one get into that, there is a need to agree upon what zero trust means, as there are many different definitions floating around cyber space.
15. April 2021
Mobile Threat Defense
Secure and protect your users and devices, even BYOD laptops and smartphones, with a solution that’s focused on earning trust across any endpoint and continuously validating that trust at every event or transaction.
12. April 2021
Life after McAfee
McAfee’s announcement that it was exiting the enterprise security space to focus exclusively on the consumer market was not entirely unexpected. Many large businesses had become disenchanted with the firm’s ‘ security supermarket’ approach to cyber-risk management, and the resulting costs and complexities of having to manage and upgrade multiple incompatible toolkits. McAfee had also stumbled in its efforts to update its legacy AV technologies and meet customer demands for effective...
16. March 2021
BlackBerry Threat Report
The BlackBerry® 2021 Threat Report examines the biggest cybersecurity events of last year and the cybersecurity issues likely to impact the upcoming year. Our analysis is derived from customer and industry threat data that spans 2020 and is presented for the benefit of security professionals and interested readers.
03. March 2021
Modern UES Challenges
Read about how Gartner advises security and risk management leaders to adopt a unified endpoint security strategy that integrates the functionality and management of their endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, and mobile threat defense solutions.
17. February 2021
The Top Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Solutions
Discover the top ten best unified endpoint management solutions. Explore features such as user authentication, application controls, and reporting and analytics.
12. February 2021
Keep your employees safe and up-to-date
When a crisis hits, you quickly realize that your day-to-day communication methods aren’t built to deliver critical communications. You need to know that your critical messages are getting through to your people, and they need to know the information they are acting on has come from a verified and trusted source.

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