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Android Enterprise Native Check-In Check-Out Now Supported in Workspace ONE UEM – Android Video Series Episode 17
15. March 2021
In VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console version 2102, we’re excited to debut support for Android Enterprise native check-in check-out, a key feature that brings another approach to shared devices.

Future Ready Workforce
13. November 2020
VMWare is announcing the availability of the newest on-premises release of Workspace ONE Access, version 20.10. This is an exciting update, as Workspace ONE Access 20.10 brings Workspace ONE Hub Services—previously available only in the cloud—to on-premises deployments of Access for the first time.

07. September 2020
In previous episodes of VMWare´s Android series, the array of use cases supported by Android Enterprise through its flexible management options have been discussed. Episode 6 introduced VMware Workspace ONE UEM support for the company-owned personally-enabled, or COPE, use case. COPE is unique because it exists in the middle ground between company-owned and bring your own device (BYOD) use cases. The device itself is company-owned, but it employs a work profile to separate work and personal...

27. August 2020
Working from home has become second nature to many of us over the last few months. Organizations have learned that remote work can be productive for a lot of job functions, but some roles require people to be physically in the office. Workspace ONE is helping organizations quickly setup distributed workforces using virtual desktops and apps, providing secure access to any app from any device and enabling unified endpoint management on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.

24. June 2020
Whether your business is comprised of essential frontline workers, a remote workforce, or a mix of both, the recent health emergency has amplified our reliance on technology. And this remote-first technology is the reason why organizations that have scaled to meet changing market demands and evolved from office-centric to remote-first cultures have been able to maintain business continuity. In addition to a digital workspace platform that enables essential and remote work, organizations must...