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22. October 2020
Keeping a distributed workforce connected and productive is a challenge, but with a modernized approach to extending the network, the benefits are enormous.
30. September 2020
Da sich die Natur nicht beeinflussen lässt und die meisten Unterbrechungen unerwartet eintreten, müssen Unternehmen jetzt mit der Vorbereitung auf die nächste Notfallsituation beginnen, indem sie gezielt eine Strategie für remoteorientiertes Arbeiten sowie eine Umgebung für digitale Arbeitsplätze entwickeln, mit der sie ihre Mitarbeiter, die IT-Abteilung und das Unternehmen als Ganzes unterstützen können.
17. September 2020
If you’re like many of our customers, your business fast-tracked some IT initiatives and investments earlier this year. What you achieved – employees working from home, customers supported, staying operational – is phenomenal. You also probably moved at tremendous speed and may not have had the time to consider all the implications of each decision in the way you normally would. Discussions with our customers worldwide have revealed that the impact of this may be an issue in the...
09. September 2020
You may have had plans to increase remote or flexible working across your organization, but you probably didn’t expect to have to deliver within weeks! By enabling employees to work from home and redesigning how roles function, you’ve managed to protect jobs and keep the business going. It’s an incredible achievement. But your employees may have a very different experience of ‘work’ and may be receiving very different levels of support.
07. September 2020
In previous episodes of VMWare´s Android series, the array of use cases supported by Android Enterprise through its flexible management options have been discussed. Episode 6 introduced VMware Workspace ONE UEM support for the company-owned personally-enabled, or COPE, use case. COPE is unique because it exists in the middle ground between company-owned and bring your own device (BYOD) use cases. The device itself is company-owned, but it employs a work profile to separate work and personal...
27. August 2020
Working from home has become second nature to many of us over the last few months. Organizations have learned that remote work can be productive for a lot of job functions, but some roles require people to be physically in the office. Workspace ONE is helping organizations quickly setup distributed workforces using virtual desktops and apps, providing secure access to any app from any device and enabling unified endpoint management on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.
13. July 2020
Monitoring is a key part of any IT infrastructure, required to keep an eye on “what’s going on,” ensure good quality of service for end-users, and peace of mind for everyone involved, from the IT support team up to senior leadership.
06. July 2020
When original shelter-in-place regulations occurred, remote work was a critical enabler of business continuity. Employees and their employers realized what’s possible and what benefits could be achieved with a remote-first culture. As a result, our news feeds are inundated with projections about where employees who are working remotely during lockdowns will be commuting to in the future — the cubicle or the kitchen table.
02. July 2020
Delivering the right apps and resources to users at the right time is critical to delivering a positive employee experience, which in turn is paramount to enterprise organizations. A device without the appropriate apps could have little to no value to users and be costly to a business that has invested in the solutions. Similarly, apps that are difficult to use, bug-riddled, or insecure can be a distraction and cause more problems than they solve.
24. June 2020
Whether your business is comprised of essential frontline workers, a remote workforce, or a mix of both, the recent health emergency has amplified our reliance on technology. And this remote-first technology is the reason why organizations that have scaled to meet changing market demands and evolved from office-centric to remote-first cultures have been able to maintain business continuity. In addition to a digital workspace platform that enables essential and remote work, organizations must...

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