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Der TI Messenger (TIM)
Blog | Endpoint Productivity · 17. January 2022
Ab Sommer 2022 wird ein Standard für ein sicheres und interoperables Instant-Messaging im deutschen Gesundheitswesen eingeführt: Der TI (Telematikinfrastruktur) Messenger von gematik.

GDPR - Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz
19. March 2021
Echtzeitkommunikation in der Polizeiarbeit ist unverzichtbar, um eine einheitliche Informationslage zu schaffen und Einsätze besser zu koordinieren. Warum die Bayerische Polizei hierfür auf einen Business Messenger vertraut und welchen sie einsetzt? Erfahren Sie hier mehr:

The New Terms of WhatsApp and the Consequences for Businesses
01. March 2021
Recently Whatsapp announced an update of its terms and privacy policy, and made several significant changes that were kind expected since the acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook in 2014.

How our Business Messenger supports the digitalization of hospitals
11. February 2021
The Hospital Future Act (KHZG) and the associated funding program are designed to pave the way for hospitals to digitalize their operations. Our Business Messenger is also eligible for funding under the KHZG.

GDPR - Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz
22. January 2021
Facebook has fixed a critical flaw in the Facebook Messenger for Android messaging app. Natalie Silvanovich of Google’s Project Zero reported the bug to the Facebook bug bounty program. The bug could have allowed a sophisticated attacker logged in on Messenger for Android to simultaneously initiate a call and send an unintended message type to someone logged in on Messenger for Android and another Messenger client (i.e. web browser).

02. October 2020
One might think that a messenger has reached the level of maturity in the product life cycle. Interestingly enough, it applies to private use. The technology is a standard in everyday private digital communication. And so it is widely known that WhatsApp is the undisputed leader in personal messaging - simple and reliable.

26. June 2020
In today’s communication universe, Chatbots are user interfaces (UI) which allow humans to interact with digital systems automatically either through spoken word or unscripted text messages. In the past, interactions were based on strict rule-based and pre-programmed conversational structures. Chatbots are able to engage, but cannot lead a multi-turn conversation with end users. In the meantime, advanced Conversational AI agents are conquering the field of automated communication for both...