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04. August 2020
What is MTD?  Yet another three-letter acronym in the increasingly complex mobility world?  Well, not exactly. MTD stands for Mobile Threat Defense and, to make a long story short, this is comparable to the typical antivirus software installed on your desktop computers but extended to a whole new level to tackle the challenges brought on by our ever-connected mobile devices. 
28. July 2020
Every project is like a sailboat; it needs a Captain, bosun, and deck hand, each knowing what they need to do to ensure the boat reaches its intended destination. Likewise, every key component of your organization needs to be owned and anchored by someone to ensure it is managed and monitored properly.  This can be easy in smaller environments, with one CTO or IT Manager and sometimes a small support team to assist, but even so, it is important to define who is responsible for what, from top...
23. July 2020
Security is a delicate combination of both technologies and processes, ultimately relying on the end-user to act in accordance with the defined standards and practices. Authenticating your users is the first step. In the past, this was relatively easy to manage as users would connect to the company network and resources mostly using the same computer (and occasionally maybe a laptop from an external location).
14. July 2020
Learn about simple solutions to protect your data and minimize frustration and confusion for end-users. With the exponential growth of mobile device usage in the workplace, security has become one of the primary concerns for companies that need to find a good balance between flexibility and protection, to ensure a good end-user adoption of mobile technologies at work while keeping their infrastructure safe from potential risks at the same time. Every system, no matter how strong, has a weak...
06. July 2020
When original shelter-in-place regulations occurred, remote work was a critical enabler of business continuity. Employees and their employers realized what’s possible and what benefits could be achieved with a remote-first culture. As a result, our news feeds are inundated with projections about where employees who are working remotely during lockdowns will be commuting to in the future — the cubicle or the kitchen table.
26. June 2020
In today’s communication universe, Chatbots are user interfaces (UI) which allow humans to interact with digital systems automatically either through spoken word or unscripted text messages. In the past, interactions were based on strict rule-based and pre-programmed conversational structures. Chatbots are able to engage, but cannot lead a multi-turn conversation with end users. In the meantime, advanced Conversational AI agents are conquering the field of automated communication for both...
25. June 2020
42% of IT and Security Managers say their organizations have been breached as a result of user password compromise, according to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). MA’s research highlights the importance of context-aware security and zero password authentication to ensure only compliant devices, users, apps and networks can access business services
18. June 2020
The BlackBerry Cylance 2020 Threat Report contains a broad range of topics vital to the interests of businesses, governments, and end-users. It delivers the combined security insights of BlackBerry - a trailblazer in IoT and mobile security - and Cylance, an early pioneer of AI-enabled cybersecurity. The 2020 report examines major security trends from 2019 data and examines noted advancements in attacker methodologies with an eye toward mitigation.
17. June 2020
MobileIron commissioned independent market research agency Vanson Bourne to conduct a study examining C-Suite attitudes towards their organization’s mobile security protocols. Between February and March 2020, 300 IT decision makers and 50 C-level executives at enterprise organizations were interviewed in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
15. June 2020
Chaos and confusion dominated the enterprise cybersecurity landscape even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing volume and variety of endpoints in organizations combined with ever-increasing cybersecurity threats put tremendous pressure on IT. When companies implemented security solutions with burdensome requirements, employees often turned to workarounds and shadow IT.

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