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08. February 2022
X-ray of a Successful Enterprise Digital Workplace Strategy
Following our article on digital workplace strategies for small to medium-sized businesses, this week we continue by discussing digital workplace strategies for enterprise businesses. We’ll use two enterprise organizations as a case study: one organization based on the East Coast of the US with a couple hundred employees and another organization with a similar sized employee base, except with a couple of offices dotted along the West Coast. Like a lot of organizations in the COVID era, their...
13. January 2022
X-ray of a Successful Small Medium Business (SMB) Digital Workplace Strategy
What is a digital workplace strategy? A comprehensive digital workplace strategy is more than just a collection of solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere, from any device, at any time. Your comprehensive digital workplace strategy must provide everyone with the right combination of tools, solution platforms and services, as well working methods to improve the work experience and foster collaboration, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency while always ensuring and...
14. October 2021
Security Maturity Model
When it comes to businesses and enterprises, cybersecurity is predicated on multiple factors – whether it be the number of employees, how the environment is deployed, potential attacks and attack vectors, the type of devices used in the ecosystem, or the corporate device usage policies. On top of these factors, there is a vast array of security solutions to choose from, each claiming to protect your ecosystem and avoid costly downtime or – even worse – damage to your reputation. We will...