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25. February 2021
VPN Remote Work
Employees working from home on a company-provided computer are putting businesses at risk with one in four consumers admitting to using their work email or password to log in to consumer websites and apps such as food delivery, online shopping and even dating apps.
10. February 2021
Scary Mobile Philshing
Mobile phishing attacks are getting so sophisticated that they can fool even the smartest of us. Cybercriminals can now intercept your call with a bank without you even noticing. But it’s not always greater sophistication that enables successful attacks.
08. February 2021
7 Ways UEM Enhances Your Security
Many things blur the line between endpoint management and security. Examples? Managing an endpoint. Configuring it. Performing application and software management. And patching the endpoint. The fact is, managing and securing a device is so interrelated that it makes sense for these two functions to come together in a single platform that can accomplish these, and other tasks needed in your IT organization. Here are the seven ways Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) can support security.
01. February 2021
Ivanti/MobileIron has been recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide UEM software 2020-2021 Vendor Assessment. Read an excerpt of the IDC MarketScape evaluation of Ivanti/MobileIron in the UEM market, including:
27. January 2021
GDPR - Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz
Microsoft Teams is prone to the same phishing hazards, impersonation scams and privacy violations as email is, yet many users naïvely treat this and other workplace communications platforms with inherent trust. As a result, they often share sensitive information too freely or click links and open attachments that in an email they might ignore, warns a new report.
15. January 2021
Hackers in action
Hackers are smart people. They know that the fastest way into a target is to find the weakest point of entry. All too often, they find that access point through the marketing organization, which many hackers consider a "soft target." The main reason is fairly simple: Marketers are typically more public and visible — and therefore more exposed — than the rest of the company.
03. December 2020
What is Mass-Distributed Phishing? As one of the most common cyber scams on the planet, phishing is the sending of legitimate-looking emails to trick people into divulging personal information and opening files embedded with malware. Run-of-the-mill phishing attacks generally work on sheer scale and volume. Cyber criminals send out a large number of emails that impersonate big brands that most people will be familiar with. They bank on at least a small percentage of the recipients happening to...
20. November 2020
Building business resilience in the everywhere enterprise
This year, many companies realized business resilience was more than just a buzzword on a PowerPoint slide. They found themselves struggling to survive a crisis no one saw coming, but which had a massive impact worldwide.
11. November 2020
Phishing attacks
How prevalent is mobile phishing today? Why are phishing attacks more likely to succeed on mobile devices? What do these attacks look like in the real-world?
21. October 2020
Virus Alert | MTD - Mobile Threat Defense
Enabling complete end-to-end mobile threat protection MobileIron and Zimperium have partnered to provide a complete enterprise mobile security solution that delivers sophisticated threat protection for mobile devices against phishing, as well as protect and remediate against attacks at the device-, network- and application-levels.

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