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X-ray of a Successful Small Medium Business (SMB) Digital Workplace Strategy
Blog | Expert's view · 13. January 2022
What is a digital workplace strategy? A comprehensive digital workplace strategy is more than just a collection of solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere, from any device, at any time. Your comprehensive digital workplace strategy must provide everyone with the right combination of tools, solution platforms and services, as well working methods to improve the work experience and foster collaboration, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency while always ensuring and...

Demystifying Technology: Virtualization Beyond Servers
Blog | Endpoint Productivity · 30. November 2021
Virtualization is a well-proven technology used for decades by corporations to deploy servers internally using Virtual Machines (VM) and transparently provide services like corporate email, database, and other applications/services to their employees. The function is the same as if it were running on hardware-based servers, but with advantages like quicker provisioning and deployment, lower hardware costs, better resources distribution, portability, and migration, to name a few.

The Year in Review, and Looking Forward to 2022
Blog | Expert's view · 16. November 2021
After an unconventional year like 2020, with an unexpected pandemic putting the whole world on a hold, 2021 was largely expected to be back to “business as usual” with employees returning to the office as vaccines became available and the threat of COVID dwindled.

ISEC7 SPHERE - Digital Workplace & Mobile Service Monitoring and Management
24. June 2021
ISEC7 SPHERE is constantly evolving around the needs of our customers, and we are proud to announce the exciting new features available in version 20.2.0. New core features include extending support for Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) systems, folding security into digital mobility system management and monitoring. Additionally, users can look forward to greater cost-savings through asset tracking and lifecycle management of devices. We are also extending support for Internet of Things (IoT)...

IoT - Internet of Things
20. April 2021
Overall Architecture There are 3 main network topologies used by IoT devices:

IoT - Internet of Things
24. March 2021
Continuing our exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, we will now move from discussing short range communications to long range communications – where longer distances must be covered, from dense urban areas to isolated rural areas, and an increased number of devices can be static but also in-motion.

Everyday Security Risks: Wi-Fi
26. February 2021
Wi-Fi has been part of our daily lives for more than 20 years. First used to connect computer devices like laptops in enterprise environments, it quickly expanded to every single home, office, and public place to connect mobile devices to a network – local or Internet – for management and data exchange. This has become even more prominent with the recent exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT - Internet of Things
18. February 2021
Continuing our exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, this week we focus on the short-range communication elements of the data flow that allow IoT devices to deliver their payload. We will cover the communication options that support up to a couple hundred meters/feet.

IoT - Internet of Things
09. February 2021
Building on the ISEC7 SPHERE architecture in our mobility management and monitoring solution, our team has extended the capability to include IOT ecosystem. We are proud to announce ISEC7 SPHERE IOT for Smart Buttons, which can be configured to alert a pre-determined recipient list at the press of a button or a change in GPS location. When used in conjunction with BlackBerry® AtHoc® Crisis Communication Platform, our solution can push alerts out to those recipients.

IoT - Internet of Things
26. January 2021
IoT – what is it? The term “IoT” was first used in ’99 and has only entered our lexicon in the last 10 years. But what does it really mean? IoT as an acronym stands for the “Internet of Things,” which could be summarized as anything that collects data and shares it over a wireless connection onto a network for processing.

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