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18. January 2021
Antivirus software to protect mobile devices
Due to smaller screens and simplified user interface, mobile devices have become the new battleground for phishing and malware threats. Start 2021 on the right track by installing antivirus software on your smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks.
15. January 2021
Hackers in action
Hackers are smart people. They know that the fastest way into a target is to find the weakest point of entry. All too often, they find that access point through the marketing organization, which many hackers consider a "soft target." The main reason is fairly simple: Marketers are typically more public and visible — and therefore more exposed — than the rest of the company.
13. January 2021
Master of Encryption Keys
Over the past decade, we’ve seen a massive shift towards relying on cloud technologies for everything we do, from watching TV shows and movies to sharing photos. Organizations have done the same. To increase efficiency and availability, they have moved their data and workloads to the cloud. But in a world of expanding threats, it has become necessary to implement additional layers of security for cloud data, applications and services to ensure privacy remains a top priority.
18. December 2020
The saftety of QR Codes
As businesses try to create a contactless experience amid the coronavirus pandemic, many have turned to QR codes. We’re seeing a lot of restaurants using them to display their menus on smartphones and on receipts for a contactless pay option.
17. December 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
For more than 70 years, Pepperl+Fuchs has been a pioneer in the field of industrial sensor technology and explosion protection. With its portfolio, the company supports both conventional and industry-4.0-capable applications.
14. December 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
Establishing a comprehensive approach to endpoint security impacts your entire organization. A successful UES empowers you and your workforce to be secure without sacrificing productivity. Discover all the possibilities and benefits of securing your endpoints on a single, unified platform.
11. December 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
Perhaps we should begin by acknowledging that there’s nothing normal about the new normal. It’s true that most organizations have achieved a measure of operational stability since the COVID-19 lockdowns began this past March.
10. December 2020
Vodafone eleVation
Take part at the digital event, Vodafone eleVation Digital Days: Exchange ideas with inspiring speakers and thought leaders on topics such as digital change, new work and sustainable future. Get exciting product insights from the Deep Dives. Experience a digital event on a new level! Register now for #eleVation21:
09. December 2020
Facebook fixes messenger bug
Facebook has fixed a critical flaw in the Facebook Messenger for Android messaging app. Natalie Silvanovich of Google’s Project Zero reported the bug to the Facebook bug bounty program. The bug could have allowed a sophisticated attacker logged in on Messenger for Android to simultaneously initiate a call and send an unintended message type to someone logged in on Messenger for Android and another Messenger client (i.e. web browser).
07. December 2020
Fileless attacks
Fileless attacks and fileless malware have grown in sophistication, especially in their ability to obfuscate and hide from both traditional and next-generation anti-virus. Join us to discover the techniques being used by APT32/OceanLotus to attack their victims and learn how to replicate them to better test your defenses. Speaker: Brian Robison, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry

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