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IoT - Internet of Things
18. February 2021
Continuing our exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, this week we focus on the short-range communication elements of the data flow that allow IoT devices to deliver their payload. We will cover the communication options that support up to a couple hundred meters/feet.

Keep your employees safe and up-to-date
12. February 2021
When a crisis hits, you quickly realize that your day-to-day communication methods aren’t built to deliver critical communications. You need to know that your critical messages are getting through to your people, and they need to know the information they are acting on has come from a verified and trusted source.

IoT - Internet of Things
09. February 2021
Building on the ISEC7 SPHERE architecture in our mobility management and monitoring solution, our team has extended the capability to include IOT ecosystem. We are proud to announce ISEC7 SPHERE IOT for Smart Buttons, which can be configured to alert a pre-determined recipient list at the press of a button or a change in GPS location. When used in conjunction with BlackBerry® AtHoc® Crisis Communication Platform, our solution can push alerts out to those recipients.

Mobile Threat Defense
12. November 2020
In an emergency, every second counts when trying to reach your audience quickly and securely. In this session, learn how to harness limited resources to ensure safety, accountability and continuity of operations across different communities.

08. July 2020
You’ve likely already heard the news. Recently, a man stabbed five people in Central London, killing two. The loss of life may have been greater had the men and women present not banded together and forced him outside, where he was killed by police. The fact that things could have gone much worse doesn’t change the harm this incident has caused its victims. One man who was present for the attack described it as akin to being in a warzone. It also doesn’t change the fact that this attack...