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17. December 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
For more than 70 years, Pepperl+Fuchs has been a pioneer in the field of industrial sensor technology and explosion protection. With its portfolio, the company supports both conventional and industry-4.0-capable applications.
14. December 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
Establishing a comprehensive approach to endpoint security impacts your entire organization. A successful UES empowers you and your workforce to be secure without sacrificing productivity. Discover all the possibilities and benefits of securing your endpoints on a single, unified platform.
11. December 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
Perhaps we should begin by acknowledging that there’s nothing normal about the new normal. It’s true that most organizations have achieved a measure of operational stability since the COVID-19 lockdowns began this past March.
07. December 2020
Fileless attacks
Fileless attacks and fileless malware have grown in sophistication, especially in their ability to obfuscate and hide from both traditional and next-generation anti-virus. Join us to discover the techniques being used by APT32/OceanLotus to attack their victims and learn how to replicate them to better test your defenses. Speaker: Brian Robison, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry
03. December 2020
What is Mass-Distributed Phishing? As one of the most common cyber scams on the planet, phishing is the sending of legitimate-looking emails to trick people into divulging personal information and opening files embedded with malware. Run-of-the-mill phishing attacks generally work on sheer scale and volume. Cyber criminals send out a large number of emails that impersonate big brands that most people will be familiar with. They bank on at least a small percentage of the recipients happening to...
25. November 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
There are few things in cybersecurity that aren’t up for endless debate. Yet one thing that is universally agreed upon is that anything with an Internet address can and will be attacked. We’ve certainly witnessed this happening on a large scale with the proliferation of Internet of things (IoT) devices in recent years, and we’re likely to see the scale and complexity of these attacks escalate in the years ahead. And due to their newness on the security scene, IoT devices will cause large...
17. November 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
BlackBerry has received the highest score in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Unified Endpoint Management Tools report1 for the Unmanaged/BYO use case. BlackBerry was also ranked within the highest three scores for the Compliance-Driven Management use case, where scores were weighted toward application and content management (20%) within the unified endpoint security (UES) tools market.
12. November 2020
Mobile Threat Defense
In an emergency, every second counts when trying to reach your audience quickly and securely. In this session, learn how to harness limited resources to ensure safety, accountability and continuity of operations across different communities.
02. November 2020
As more people are working remotely, sustaining normal levels of security and productivity has become a top priority for the organizations that employ them.
29. October 2020
ISEC7 became Emerald Solution Provider by BlackBerry. This highest level of commitment is rewarded with the highest level of benefits, incentives, and rebates. Emerald partners are business advisors to their customers. But identity is just one piece, considering that once identified, you also need to ensure these users have access to the right resources and the required level of access and permissions.  

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