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20. July 2020
Some life changes occur so slowly and incrementally that we scarcely notice them happening. As parents, for example, we only dimly sense the gradual knitting together of neurons that enable our children to progress from crawling to walking. Other life changes occur so suddenly and swiftly that we have little time to fully absorb their implications. Such is the case with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is forcing many organizations to confront critical gaps in their digital workplace strategies and...
08. July 2020
You’ve likely already heard the news. Recently, a man stabbed five people in Central London, killing two. The loss of life may have been greater had the men and women present not banded together and forced him outside, where he was killed by police. The fact that things could have gone much worse doesn’t change the harm this incident has caused its victims. One man who was present for the attack described it as akin to being in a warzone. It also doesn’t change the fact that this attack...
01. July 2020
State-backed APT groups are increasingly targeting mobile devices as Covid-19 puts the spotlight on remote working infrastructure security. See how the industry is fighting back. The cyber defence industry is finally turning its attentions toward mobile devices as Covid-19 shines a light on remote working trends and strains. Unfortunately, they’re already 10 years behind the world’s most elite Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) contingent.
18. June 2020
The BlackBerry Cylance 2020 Threat Report contains a broad range of topics vital to the interests of businesses, governments, and end-users. It delivers the combined security insights of BlackBerry - a trailblazer in IoT and mobile security - and Cylance, an early pioneer of AI-enabled cybersecurity. The 2020 report examines major security trends from 2019 data and examines noted advancements in attacker methodologies with an eye toward mitigation.
15. June 2020
Chaos and confusion dominated the enterprise cybersecurity landscape even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing volume and variety of endpoints in organizations combined with ever-increasing cybersecurity threats put tremendous pressure on IT. When companies implemented security solutions with burdensome requirements, employees often turned to workarounds and shadow IT.
22. January 2019
BlackBerry Bridge
09. October 2018
BlackBerry Awards for ISEC7
20. September 2018
BlackBerry IDC Report
16. September 2018
Integration Partner ISEC7 and BlackBerry UEM help to deliver better and more secure Patient outcomes in New Zealand Few industries have as much to gain from innovations like the Enterprise of Things, as healthcare. Already, digital technology is transforming how practitioners treat patients, allowing institutions to provide more personalized, streamlined, and in some cases – affordable care
14. September 2018
BlackBerry Awards for ISEC7

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